I always loved photography. I never imagined I would be able to do it full-time. I guess you can say I am part of the old school of photojournalism. I got my first job at a local paper after graduating from Kent State's photojournalism program. I toiled away shooting Friday night football on black and white film trying desperately to get any sort of action in focus from under the darkest stadium lights you could imagine. I was around when the industry started to scan film to go digital, and I was around to use those first Nikon D1s that had batteries that lasted about 5 minutes. Today is different. Both for me and the industry. The internet is changing the way photographers work and live and everyday there is new technology. Photographers are struggling to find work and publications are downsizing. I left my staff photographer position at the Willoughby News-Herald in 2007 after 11 years of documenting the community in news, sports and features. I needed a change, and I needed a new direction. 

My son Luca was born in 2007. With Luca came a new perspective on life and a new career as a freelance photojournalist. I grew up on the south side of Cleveland in the Parma area. Moved west to Lakewood while I went to St. Ignatius High School in Ohio City, and then I graduated from Kent State University in 1995 with a degree in photojournalism. I currently live on Cleveland's west side with my son Luca, daughter Rio and our dog Dakota.

My photographs have appeared on the pages of publications such as The New York Times, Cleveland Magazine, USA Today, Outdoor Life, Financial Times, ESPN, Governing, Sports Illustrated and more. I have photographed some amazing events; 2 World Series, 4 NBA Finals, Presidents Bush and Biden, NCAA Championships, a KKK rally, a nudist colony!, Spencer Tunick's Cleveland installation, my favorite bands!, countless others ...

Partial Client list:
AARP, ALIVE, American Motorcyclist Magazine, Associated Press, BandCamp, BlueWater Orchestra, Bomba Tacos, Bright Winter Festival, Case Western Reserve University, Cauliflower Audio, Chicago Tribune, Christian Science Monitor, Cleveland.com, Cleveland Orchestra, Cleveland Magazine, Cleveland Scene Magazine, Cleveland State University, Contemporary Youth Orchestra, Crains Cleveland, CVS, Diabetic Living, Eating Well Magazine, Erie Times-News, ESPN, The Financial Times, Floral Management Magazine, Gallaudet University, Glaceau, Governing Magazine, Grand Salami Magazine, Great Lakes Publishing, Great Lakes Theater, GYMR, GYRO Design, Harvard University, Houston Press, IMAGN, Key Bank, Key Magazine, Kiwanis Magazine, Lake County (OH) Captains Baseball Club, Lake Erie Living Magazine, Lat34.com, Los Angeles Times, Money Magazine, The National (Abu Dhabi), The National Law Journal, NBC News, The New York Times, Northwestern University, OHIO Magazine, Outdoor Life, Paladar,  Penta Press (South Korea), The Plain Dealer (Cleveland), PlayHouse Square, Polaris Images, Practice Link, Pro Remodeler, Purdue University, Record Publishing, LLC., Scholastic, School of Rock, Steadfast Records, US Dept. of Labor, USA TODAY and USA Today Sports Images

Past Employment:
The Willoughby News-Herald (1996-2007)
The Elyria Chronicle-Telegram (1996)

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